Brain Fuel for Teenage Boys Discovered?

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If you have a teenage boy, then you may be reading the title of this article with a bit of incredulity. After all, one of the things that is most typical it seems of all teenagers is a total lack of common sense and brain power. In this exciting years of change, teens seem to focus more on their friends than their school work and you might think that they have lost their minds entirely in some cases.

While this particular “brain food” will not bring your sweet, angelic baby back (and in all honestly, you know you are proud that they are growing up) it can give your teen boy a major boost in concentration, logic skills and memory ability. At this tough time in his life, doesn’t he need all the help he can get? Of course he does, and you have the means to give it to him.

This “brain fuel” has actually been around for some time. It has also been called “brain food” and “memory food.” It is fairly common knowledge in fact that omega 3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish oil, are good for the mind. However, until recently it was not suspected just how effective these essential nutrients are particularly in the instance of teen boys. A group of Swedish researchers found that in cognitive studies, young men who had a higher fish oil consumption scored substantially better than those who avoided the substance1.

While it has been commonly known and accepted even in the medical community that omega 3-rich fish oil is vital to the development of infant brains and eyesight and general memory retention in full adults, the effects of omega 3 intake on teens has long been overlooked. The researchers believe it is partly because teens simply, as a whole, may not like fish.

Fortunately, you can get around this issue entirely by giving your teen an omega 3 fish oil supplement. Just be sure that the supplement is made from salmon oil rather than tuna or mackerel, since these fish often live in polluted waters and may contain traces of contamination. Salmon raised in the Arctic Circle are far less likely to be contaminated, and a good supplement will also be certified toxin-free. To learn more about teen-friendly omega 3 fish oil supplements, visit


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