Fish Oil Fast Fact #356: Myth: All Fish Oil is Created Equal

All sorts of people take omega 3 fish oil every day, then give themselves a mental pat on the back for being so responsible for their health.

However, many of these people would be surprised to learn that their omega 3 fish oil supplements are doing absolutely nothing for them and that they are actually wasting their money every time they pull out their wallets to buy those expensive supplements. In fact, contrary to popular belief, not only is all fish oil not created equal, but a lot of it is darn near useless.

This is because many brands of fish oil rely on buyers making the assumption that if a product contains fish oil, it must contain lots of healthy omega 3s. However, in many cases, fish oil supplements are made from fish that do not contain very many omega 3 fatty acids, or that contain the wrong type. Since your body can only utilize certain types of omega 3 fatty acids – others just make you nauseous or cause you to smell “fishy” – taking the wrong type of fish oil is just as bad as taking no fish oil at all.

Look for fish oil brands that contain salmon oil and that have been molecularly optimized to only provide the best types of omega 3 fatty acids. This will help insure that you are actually getting the benefits you want from your omega 3 regimen.

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