Fish Oil Health Benefits: Three Ways Omega 3 Oils Will Improve Your Sex Life

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Raise your hand if you’d like to have better sex (or raise your hand if you’d just like to be having sex). Don’t be embarrassed. No one will know what you’re doing unless they’re reading over your shoulder. And if that’s the case, maybe they’d like to help test the three ways omega 3 oils from fish will improve your sex life.

Yes! It’s true. There is a strong relationship between nutritional oils and sexuality and some evidence is beginning to make it clear that omega 3 oils can actually improve your libido and desire. After all, fatty acids are one of the building blocks of hormones and the ovaries and testes use fatty acids to send neuro-genital signals to the brain. So, how much more convincing do you need?

Let me break it down for you in simple, easy to understand language so there aren’t any misconceptions.


I’m sure you’re aware of all the ways fish oil omega 3s improve your cardiovascular system. And that’s good because you need a good, strong heart for a healthy sex life. Reducing cholesterol, high blood pressure, triglycerides and hardening of the arteries will do wonders for your libido.

When you’re having intercourse, the heart is responsible for maintaining blood flow around the body. Without good blood flow stimulation and arousal would be next to impossible, especially of the genitals. And since men and women both have erectile tissue, this would affect both of us equally.


Do you have any idea how many erogenous zones the human body is blessed with? I don’t either, but I know that in a heightened state of arousal, just about anywhere that’s touched feels great. And without proper nerve conduction and sensory interpretation by the brain, you might as well not bother.

The good news is that some of the most highly publicized benefits of fish oil omega 3 fatty acids is that they’re brain food and this means your brain functions so much better on omega 3s. So if you increase your mental sensitivity you’ll definitely enhance your sexual desire and, in turn, your sexual performance.


Sex is best when you feel good about your life and the lack of sexual desire is directly related to signs of depression. It’s hard to express yourself physically and sexually when you’re depressed and unhappy all the time. But here’s where omega 3 oils come to our rescue once again. New studies on depression are reporting an improvement in sexual desire with regular intake of omega 3 fatty acids.

So, the bottom line to better sex is to increase your fish oil omega 3 intake and there are two ways to do this. First, you can eat more oily fish like salmon, tuna, sardines, herring and anchovies. Or you can supplement daily with fish oils like Salmon Oil Plus. Either way you’ve got nothing to lose and only better sex to gain. The choice seems simple, doesn’t it?

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