Health Ranger Mike Adams Outs Retail Fish Oil Supplements

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On September 4, 2008, Mike Adams,™’s self styled radio ranger and healthy living mythbuster, went on a rampage.

The target? Fish oil!

This may be surprising to many people who are aware of the myriad benefits of getting enough omega 3 fatty acids by consuming a daily dose of fish oil, but Adams target was dishonest advertising rather than omega 3 itself.

On a routine trip to a retail store with a fully stocked pharmacy, Adams discovered that the store was selling several different types of fish oil as a supplement to cardiovascular health.

However, upon reading the ingredients, the health ranger discovered that the “heart healthy” fish oil capsules actually had less omega 3 in them than is recommended for infants, and that the rest of the capsule actually was comprised of trans fatty acids, which are literally toxic to heart health.

Here’s some of what Mike had to say:

I will give you an example. I was at Costco one time. I saw a big bottle of fish oil supplements, and we all know that fish oils can enhance health. They help prevent heart disease. They are rich in Omega-3 oils and a very healthy supplement if it is a quality supplement, but I looked at this particular product and I read the ingredients.

It said this “each capsule contained only 4 mg. of actual fish oil extract and the rest of the capsule was filled with soybean oil and one bottle I saw was actually made with partially hydrogenated soybean oil, which means it contains trans fatty acids that actually damage your heart health.

Here was a supplement being sold as a benefit for cardiovascular health that said it contained fish oil, but if you look inside what it really contained was trans fatty acids, which are poison for the heart. It is just crazy to think that people are going in there and buying those pills, taking them home, eating them, and thinking that they are helping their heart when in reality they are poisoning themselves in my opinion.

These findings are nothing if not disturbing, and they serve to emphasize the importance of checking out all aspects of your dietary supplements and “healthy living” efforts before you start popping the pills.

For example, did you know that many omega 3 supplements actually are legally allowed to contain traces of heavy metals and other toxins that are the reason that pregnant women and young children are instructed to limit or eliminate their fish intake? The most responsible supplement companies must self-enforce a zero-tolerance policy on contaminants, because the FDA does not.

Furthermore, on a more practical level, many of these supplements contain basically “useless” forms of omega 3 fatty acids that do nothing other than make you belch, pass gas or feel generally bloated. A

gain, responsible companies engineer their supplements to make sure that these non-vital forms of omega 3 are not present, but many companies prefer to just include the whole “kit and caboodle” rather than spend the money out of the profits to make sure that the supplement makes you feel good on a daily basis as well as protecting your heart.

The Health Ranger’s findings are truly disturbing, and they are only the tip of the iceberg. Make sure that your omega 3 fish oil supplements are endorsed by reputable organizations like the World Health Organization or the American College of Toxicology, and think twice before buying off the shelf brands that are neither regulated nor evaluated before they are thrown on the shelves.

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