Taking on Menopause Early

I have a friend in her mid-forties who is hitting menopause, and let me tell you, from what she says it sounds rough. We meet for coffee once a week and I’m starting to practically dread the meetings because of all the horror stories that she’s telling me. I know all the details of her night sweats, her chills, her mood swings and her weird cycles. In fact, I know so much, I am thinking about writing a book on menopause. And, in addition, I am taking some serious omega 3 supplements right now!

Why am I taking omega 3s? Well, to be honest, I was already taking omega 3 fish oil supplements to keep my heart healthy, my immune system strong and my eyesight keen. But when I started hearing my friend gripe about menopause, I knew there was one more reason not to miss a single daily dose. According to multiple research studies, women who take a daily dose of omega 3 fatty acids can combat migraines, hot flashes, inability to focus and even mood swings more effectively during menopause. And from what I can tell from my friend, that is a very good thing!

Now, you may be thinking that you do not really need omega 3 fatty acids for menopause. Especially if you are not even 30 yet, odds are that change is pretty far in the back of your mind. However, what you have to remember is that an omega 3 deficiency is a chronic state for many people – and to be honest, if you don’t take a fish oil supplement, you probably are already experiencing a host of minor issues that you should not have to deal with. So start defeating menopause today, early, before you actually have to handle the symptoms.

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