Using Salmon Oil to Deal With Diabetes

I’m lucky. I don’t have diabetes and neither do either of my kids. But one of my dear friend’s child has this autoimmune disorder, and I can tell you from personal experience – that’s right, we do the slumber party thing – that juvenile diabetes is scary.

So when she told me that she was thinking of taking a natural route to help control her son’s diabetes, I’ll admit that I freaked out a little. After all, why would you abandon conventional medicine for unproven treatment methods? However, when she told me the whole story, I have to admit I was pretty intrigued.

First off, she’s not giving up his regular treatments. He still will be seeing his doctor regularly and they will still be monitoring blood sugar, administering insulin and doing all the other things that you do when you have a kid with diabetes to keep him healthy, happy and safe. However, she is adding in a daily omega 3 fish oil supplement – salmon oil, because that is the best kind for kids – to help strengthen his immune system and help his body deal with its imbalances on its own.

In fact, kids that take omega 3 fish oil supplements are not only less likely to ever develop juvenile diabetes, but those who already have it often experience significant improvements in the state of their health once their omega 3 deficiencies are addressed. Let me be clear: you should never experiment with your child’s health. Always work with a doctor. But you could see some surprising and exciting changes in your child’s health by addressing this potential nutritional deficiency head-on.

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